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Were to buy Clark's products?

CLARK's fermentations are not available in stores yet. It is only made on order. But no worries! You can find CLARK on a lot of markets this summer. 

Clark's fermentations on your menu?

Contact me!

How to cook tempeh

Cut it into the desired size. Cubes, slices, crumbles, be creative!
Heat oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Add the tempeh and cook until golden brown. Add salt to taste. Or use your favourite marinade, let it sit for about an hour and cook it as described above.


How to eat tempeh

On top of a salad

With stir-fried vegetables and rice

With chili sin carne

Scrambled on top of your pasta

On a sandwich with your favourite toppings

My tempeh has black spots on it

The black spots on your tempeh (and white stuff in-between) are both mold, entirely normal and perfectly edible. They actually indicate that the fermentation is complete, means the tempeh is matured to its peak of flavour.

How to store tempeh

CLARK'S tempeh is unpasteurized and contains living bacteria. Keep it in the fridge, otherwise the bacteria will wake up and continue fermenting your tempeh! 

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